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Still Life 2020


an ongoing process of addition that takes “year” as a unit. With the exploration on reflective materials, the series of artworks imitate stainless steel through its dimensional cut and content restructuring to demonstrate different greyscale layers in a deceptive way and hence remodelling my serene still-life. The scene will be moulded and modified along with my personal growth from time to time. To break the monotony, I try to discover the world from a new angel with draping, the process of transforming a clothing design into a three-dimensional form. Taking my body and day-to-day experience as the medium, the production transform the seen and used metal objects into greyscale objects for no purpose, for no reason, for no usage, for no value, for no meaning, for no number, for no brand mark, and for no identity at all. Thus, it allows my viewpoint to focus on the dismantling and restructuring of the objects. The process involves the visual senses on three dimensions and then transform the observation into two-dimensional sewing pattern, followed by combining the pattern into a redefined “soft object” using sewing machine.
「靜物系列」以 加法形式以年為單位不斷進行中。此系列作品以探索反光布料擬仿不鏽鋼物件為始 點,拆解物件結構,藉著展示不同的灰階層次以假亂真,重塑我的靜物景觀。而這 個景觀會隨著我的個人成長經歷而不斷增加和改變。在消磨意志的日常中,我嘗試 用裁縫中立體剪裁的形式重新認識世界,把在生活中見過的及使用過的金屬物件運 用我的身體及經驗為媒介,轉化成為一個沒有目的、沒有理由、沒有用處、沒有價 值、沒有意義、沒有數字、沒有商標、沒有任何身份的灰色物件,嘗試讓自己的視 點聚焦在物件結構的拆解和重組思考中。過程從視覺感官對立體的觀察,再轉換成 平面縫紉紙樣,然後透過縫紉機把裁片組合成一個被重新定義的「軟物件」。

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